1 Quick Step to Stop Losing Eyelashes – Face Cleansing and Lash Mites

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1 Quick Step to Stop Losing Eyelashes –
Face Cleansing and Lash Mites

So no matter what products you use or how high end or low end your routine is, make sure you keep your face well cleansed..

I thought I’d just do a simple article about cleansing your face properly, but then I learned about mites, so this will become a longer article…

I will start with talking about proper cleansing and then I will digress. What I wanted to say about cleansing is that it is vital when cleansing to rinse rinse rinse.

The rinsing is as important or more important than the cleansing.

In the salon I see a lot of clogging along the edges of the face, near the hairline. We either don’t use cleanser near our hairline, or when we rinse, we don’t get enough water on the edges.

I cannot emphasize how crucial it is to get the cleanser off your skin along with all the attached dirt.

Also, at night cleanse twice. First time to remove makeup and grime, second time to cleanse your skin….and of course, Rinse Rinse Rinse with lots of water.

Ok say now to the dreaded Mites….

Did you know that your eyelashes can be riddled with mites?

Yes, riddled with mites that live off of your eye makeup! Mites are on your lashes , but then you feed them by not removing your eye makeup properly and hey presto they multiply and build their nests in your lash follicle.

The little microscopic “crumbs” they make can get into your eyes and irritate the eyes, and your lash follicle can become infected, and it can even cause you to lose lashes. And you might not even realize this is going on.

They bury themselves inside your lash follicle and lay eggs in there. You can’t see them which is probably a good thing or you’d feel ill!

But trust me if you leave any eye makeup on, they are there! And they live on skin and oil, so they can be on your face as well, devouring your old makeup if you go to sleep with makeup on.

This can sometimes cause break outs from the infection they cause.

If you want to know more about these lovely creatures, click here.

You can also Google the word Demodex ( their name).

I Googled them for my teen daughter who is now removing her mascara impeccably at night!

She always washes her face before bed, but wasn’t perfect at removing her mascara. Now she’s a pro!

There are products over the counter from the pharmacy to sterilize your lashes (these are not makeup removers, they are over and above your cleanser).

There is an excellent foam you can use on your lashes in the morning to kill these mites without damaging the skin on your eyes – use it in the morning.

At night cleanse off eye makeup, in the morning use this on your lashes and let it sit for a short period while in the shower. Inexpensive and works like a dream. It is called SteriLid. (obviously test for sensitivity if you have sensitive skin). This is the only brand I have used.

I also sell a product to grow your lashes, once you have killed the mites. It is called GrandeLash. My clients have had great results growing long thick lashes.

So no matter what products you use or how high end or low end your routine is, make sure you keep your face well cleansed.

After cleansing it is essential to spray on a good toner to re-balance and hydrate your skin, and then apply a day or night cream.

That is your basic daily routine. Once you have this down pat, you can add other products according to the advise of your esthetician who can analyze your skin correctly, and advise you on the needs of your skin.

Oh, and always apply your cream while your toner is still damp – this seals in moisture and it also saves on cream because it spreads easier.

And no alcoholic toners please. I am a huge fan of toners, the most underused product on the market. Good professional toners should hydrate and soothe the skin. 

I will try to pick a small subject each article to educate you about healthy skin care habits, and also some healthy non skin care habits.

Happy cleansing!!

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