What age 17 and 75 do not have in common

So you meet a 17 year old girl who has just returned from 2 weeks in the Bahamas

Exfoliation is one of the most important things you can do to slow down aging and to improve the efficacy of your products.

She has a gorgeous golden tan.

(I did not just say gorgeous in the same sentence as tan, since I don’t believe in heavy suntanning!).

Then you meet a 75 year old lady who has also returned from 2 weeks in the Bahamas. She too is very tanned.


Fast forward 3 weeks, and you run into them both again.

 The 15 year old has lost all of her tan, she is sad.

The 75 year old still has most of her tan except it looks a bit dried up and leathery.

Why does this happen?

Well, when we are young we are renewing skin at a fast pace.

When my daughter was about 4 she was in the bath and when she got out, there was ring around the tub and I couldn’t understand why since she was home all day and not playing in dirt.

Then I remembered that youth shed their skin cells so quickly. (Some ring around the tub is dirt too, especially if you have boys! Lol)

So because of this, we see a vast array of exfoliants and exfoliating treatments on the market.

 Exfoliation removes surface dead skin.

When we remove surface dead skin, it allows our products to penetrate into our skin, versus sitting on top of dead skin (allowing your products to work better), and then the main reason why we use exfoliants is to mimic youth.

By taking off surface dead skin, the body instinctively wants to replace that skin, and so, renews collagen to make more skin.

This speeds up your cell renewal rate and helps slow down the aging process.

Exfoliation is one of the most important things you can do to slow down aging and to improve the efficacy of your products.

However, you don’t want to over exfoliate either.

It’s a balancing act.

Over exfoliation can make the skin very sensitive and it can overly thin out the skin. Like most things in life, moderation is important.

I tend to prefer the European way of exfoliating versus the American gung-ho way.

I prefer slow and gentle with healthier results. This doesn’t mean you can’t do a strong peel, just a gentle strong one.

In my salon I offer several options for peeling.

All my salon facials include 1 or 2 types of very gentle exfoliation (manual ones like a scrub or Gommage, and physical ones made from fruit acids – I prefer fruit acids to synthetic lab engineered ones), and I offer 2 types of Dr. Schrammek’s Herbal Green Peel – 1 is very powerful and you will peel over 5 days, the other is milder but still very powerful.

I also offer heavier acids that can be done as a stand alone peel or added on to a facial

It doesn’t matter what type of exfoliant you use, they all stimulate cell renewal.

It’s not unique to 1 type. Some are just more powerful so stimulate more.

If you do not have a professional esthetician to advise you, err on the side of caution.

Stick to gentle exfoliants, not the ones with huge chunks in them or harsh chemicals. And with scrubs you are just trying to move the granules around, not abrade the skin.

And by the way, please use sunscreen EVERY day, even if you are not sunbathing.

And if you are exfoliating, don’t go in the sun afterwards, and use even more sunscreen, even on a grey day.

My worst sunburn was on an overcast day in my teens.

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