You Wash Your Face Wrong

As an esthetician I am always surprised that the most basic step in good facial skin care is the one step people do wrong all the time.

Regardless of skin type, product brand, it’s SO important to wash your face properly.

Remember how as children our mother’s made us wash behind our ears with a washcloth etc.

Well I am going to be your dreaded mother!

Here are facial cleansing guidelines:

1. If you have makeup on – get your make up off 1st. I like a milkier type of remover. It can be called a face cleanser. It doesn’t have to say MakeUp Remover. Break down the make up on your face.  Wipe it off well, and rinse. Removing makeup is NOT washing your face!

2. At night, cleanse twice. In the morning, once.

3. Never go to bed with a dirty face! If that is the only skin care rule you follow (and hopefully it isn’t your only one!), you will be miles ahead of most people.

4. Your neck is part of your face! I can’t tell you how many clients only work down to the jawline. Include everything you do to your face on your neck.

Some tips with cleansing:

A lot of people get too tired at night to wash their face. My advice: WASH YOUR FACE THE MINUTE YOU GET HOME! If you wait till after dinner and after TV, you will be too tired.

If you are too lazy to fuss with wetting your face with cleanser and water and hate getting your hair wet, try a product that is one of my favorites. In my salon I prescribe Sothy’s Micellar Water – a water based no rinse cleanser . You squirt some on a cotton pad and you wipe your entire face and neck. Flip the cotton over, wipe again. Repeat for your 2nd cleanse. It’s a cleanser and toner in one. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. No scent. Simple, easy to use, great for traveling. This does not work if you wear full makeup.

When cleansing with a Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Oil, really work it all over your skin (face and neck). If you wear makeup, rinse and repeat to cleanse your actual face.

On the 2nd cleanse is when you can use cleansing gadgets like Clarisonic or Foreo. (I have no affiliation to any brand). My only advise about brushes like Clarisonic is to replace the brush every 3 months so you don’t build up bacteria. Also, don’t use it every day. Perhaps twice a week, with a few days in between. A lot of my clients have become sensitive from over using brushes. I personally like washcloths or sponges. BUT….. please be sure it’s a new washcloth each time, and same with sponges. Have several on hand.

RINSE RINSE RINSE and then RINSE AGAIN! Rinsing is as or more important than the cleansing. Your cleanser if full of dirt from your face, please rinse it off and make sure it is completely off your skin.

How to pick a cleanser:

What type of cleanser is very personal. It depends on you psychologically – what you like the feel of – and it depends on your skin type, hydration, and sensitivity. There is no easy answer to this.

As a licensed esthetician, I recommend you to seek professional near you to prescribe the right cleanser for you.

People think cleanser is not important, but the wrong cleanser can irritate your skin or leave residue on the surface which clogs pores.

As estheticians, we feel skin for 1 – 1 ½ hours at a time during facials. We do this all day long, staring at skin, touching skin. Good estheticians can usually know your skin by just looking at you.

Leave skin care to a professional who can educate you, explain your home care routine to you, and put you on the correct products for your skin type; a lot cheaper than buying every product that appeals to you, without knowing if it is right for you.

We see your sensitivity level, we analyze why you are oily in certain areas only, or why you are so dry. We look at your whole lifestyle, products you use, treatments you get, your diet, your exercise and so on. All of this affects your skin.

I often hear clients say, “Oh my dermatologist recommended me to try X generic cleanser.”

Here’s the thing.

Dermatologists are in a different league to estheticians. When you are having severe skin problems, their office never looked better! They remove growths, treat skin cancer, rashes, severe acne etc.

There are times we absolutely have to go to a Dermatologist. However, they do not look at the overall well being/health of your skin on a day to day level. When they recommend that generic cleanser to EVERYONE, it’s just to clean your skin while they are treating you.

Once your severe skin issues are resolved, you need to look at your overall skin vitality and health. That is when you approach a skin care professional/esthetician.

Dermatologists and esthetician’s each serve a wonderful purpose in the maintenance and health of your skin.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I love talking skin!

“The whole experience is truly worth every penny. ”

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She offers the best products and the whole experience is truly worth every penny.
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